||Le Aine|| (slytherinesq) wrote in eurausafricasia,
||Le Aine||

Le Introduction

My name is Aine. I am 20 years old and currently living in Ohio. Which sucks.

I have wanted to move to Europe all of my life (well, at least since I was 4). I have travelled to Europe 3 times.

The first was a 2 week school trip that took me: All over the Czech Republic, to Salzburg, to Berchtesgaden (Germany) to Venice.

The second was a week long stay at a penpals in Thurles, Ireland

The third was an Au Pair job in Vienna (which didn't work out thanks to horrible host parents)

I've loved everywhere I've gone, and speak basic French and German.

The problem is, since I am not in college it is virtually impossible for me to move to Europe.

So I am trying the Au Pair thing again as I want to be out of here by October at the latest.

Wish me luck!

And please comment, I would love to meet people who love Europe as much as I do.
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