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Well, I just remembered I am a founder and moderator of this community.
I come to you with a question, and many concerns.

I just got back from 6 weeks of study abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia.
The hardest part about being back is that.. I'm in love with a boy there.
Argh, how I hate it here. I really want to return after I graduate high school (so probably in February or March), but the money situation is looking so tight.
I'm going to try and be working two jobs for a duration of 5 months, sell my trumpet, and collect as much cash as I can at Christmas.
But how else can I get money? I need at least $3,000.
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Try seeing if anyone in your family has any antiques they are willing to part with for you to sell...

Try selling any dvd's and cd's you can part with

Any old coins you might have...ect
My family wants nothing to do with funding study abroad.
Nor does mine... Which is why I have to sell almost everything I own...

But shouldn't aupair be relatively cheap?
Not if I have to pay my plane ticket and buy a new passport
Keep your eyes open for ways of reducing the plane fare. Prices change, and vary according to the route you take, look for special deals available for people who don't have to go at a specific time, like flying standby.
To echo the previous comment...

Ebay is a good place to start, even for the trumpet. Jewelery can be parted with. If you live in a large enough town, you can make about $60 per week donating plasma (it just takes like two hours each visit).
Can I donate plasma if I am under 18?
I don't know; you would have to check (it may very well differ by state...)

They might also require a parent's permission.

If you can, you might also want to consider investing in short-term investments, like CDs or T-Bills. The returns aren't great but it will put your money someplace where it would be a hassle to get to it before a certain date.
I've checked, unfortunately you need to be 18. I would have done it!
I don't have any money to invest.
Further, I own no valuable jewelery or anything else. I'm screwed.

Deleted comment

Don't do this if it's only because of the boy.

Deleted comment

Oh goodness it's not!
With or without him I want to be in Russia.
Ok, good. I was just checking, because if something happens with your relationship and you end up in a foreign country with nothing else to live for, that would not be a very good thing. But yeah, I'm from Russia and I moved to the US when I was 4 then I moved back there a few times and then the last time I moved back to the US was to start high school and I've been here ever since. I used to go to Russia every summer for the beginning of high school and I remember on one visit I just wanted to stay REALLY badly. I persuaded my mom by finding one of those schools that let you finish two grades in one year and took up most of your time, so she wouldn't have to worry about me getting into the wrong things, I got all my relatives to support me, foudn a million reasons why staying in Russia would be better for me. But then my dad came and said no way. I was crying and comtemplated running away, but of course ended up going back. I still kind of hate it here,but its not so bad after you get used to it, I'm staying for college and then either joining the Foreign Service or moving back.
If you go to church, you can offer your services around the house to people at your church. Tell them exactly why you want the money, tell them how much you need, and how far you are from that goal. Suggest a pay rate of $10/hour. If they feel you are sincere you will probably get bites. many people will pay you more.

You may end up cleaning attics, plunging toilets, babysitting bratty kids, or moving the city packrat across the city. But remember why you are doing it, and at $10+/hour you might get there a litte more quickly.

Another commodity people will pay a LOT for is simple computer instruction. There are a lot of older people who have a lot of money, and a computer and no idea how to use it. If they are interested, they might appreciate company while they learn how to send emails, search the internet, or write letters on their computer. It doesn't need to be computer tech work to get a nice amount of $$/hour. And please don't read this as "Rip of elderly folks", I detest that, I suggest providing them with a service they are willing to pay for.

I suggest your church, because you won't be going into the homes of strangers. As a beautiful young lady, you need to be careful.
Well, the only problem with this is that I certainly don't go to church :)
However if it turns out that I have a little extra time on my hands once the school year starts, I may advertise myself as a tutor for younger kids. In anything but math, that is.
can i advertise my new community called mercosul on here? i just started it, but i'll need some recruitment power to get it launched off the ground. as well, you're welcome to join if you're interested, or any body else.