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hurricane katrina

Hi everybody, sorry for the slightly off-topic post.

academics_anon has compiled a list of unis (American and Canadian) that are willing to help out students and, in some cases, faculty displaced by Hurricane Katrina.  If you are such a person or know of such a person, please pass the following links along.

schools A-M
schools N-Z

Additionally, if your school is not there and has decided to help, please comment with the following information (copied from here) :
1). The university
2). A link to the page with the university's statement on acceptance of "Katrina students." A link to the uni webpage often doesn't help very much if I'm left searching around for the official policy. Some unis don't yet have formal pages up on how they're planning to deal with things, so if you are acting on information received from an official email, please include that instead. I'd prefer to include links to policies because otherwise each school blurb becomes prohibitively lengthy.
3). If you have the time for it, a copy-pasted blurb summarizing the uni's policy on accepting students. Good information includes how many they're taking, any important stipulations (housing/fees), if they're taking graduate/professional students or faculty, and access to libraries or labs.
4). If you are an alumnus/a of the university, teach at it, or are otherwise affiliated with it or familiar with the area and can assist students looking to move.

Thanks for any help you can give, and feel free to post this message around as appropriate.
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