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this community used to be so active... and i was ALWAYS looking forward to reading the posts from its members.

i guess not many people use livejournal anymore.
what a loss.

anyways, my reason for writing is simply to ask for suggestions.

i'm making a trip throughout italy and greece and the aegean. my little 'tour' ends in athens. i was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to the best way to get from athens to paris. it doesn't seem like there are more than, say, a couple of direct flights, and they seem really expensive (about 160-225€)... so what should be my 'transfer city'? for example, athens, greece--berlin, germany--paris, france. what would be the best option (as in cheapest, seeing as i'm a backpacking student!)?

any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I'd be surprised if you could find two flights for less than the cost of one Easyjet flight from Athens to Paris, but if you want to try, you might find helpful.
ah, that reminds me... i have to get to charles de gaulle.
There's a bus every half hour from Orly to C de G, and other options:
brilliant! thanks!