Satan's Pawn (earthlingmike) wrote in eurausafricasia,
Satan's Pawn

Hi I'm new

I noticed Greenland is mentioned in this community's useinfo. I recently flew over Greenland in an airplane. I wrote a paper on the Vikings in college. It looked such a beautiful and intriguing wilderness to me from the airplane, a place you could really get away from everything, satisfy the urge to 'rough it' for a while.

It's such a forgotten place, I'm very curious about it, what is it like there?

About a year ago I started in sort of a not-sure-how-serious, pissy way thinking if Bush got another 4 years I'm moving to Canada. This idea became more and more serious and less simplistic, using more refined factors than just the election to help me make my decision. It's what I've settled on as a productive form of protest, combined with the fact that I suspect I'll feel dramatically more at home there anyway, ironically. Heck I didn't choose to live in America I was just born here. Anyway at this point I'm thinking about it as if it is indeed going to happen, and I'm also pretty sure Vancouver is where I'll end up. It's still just a nice thing to think about though and look forward to, because it probably won't happen until 2-3 years from now due to some other things that kind of need to happen first in my life.
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