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AND South America

Express discontent and expatriate ambitions
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This is a community created specifically for Americans having a strong desire to move out of the United States, not just for a week in Amsterdam or to backpack through Europe, but to actually study/work/live and perhaps even become naturalized in a foreign nation. While this is essentially for Americans, Canadians or anyone else looking to leave the country are also welcomed, so long as your goal isn't to move to the US. Current expatriates and natives of foreign nations with tips, etc. are also welcomed.

We created this community as a place for Americans (mostly) to rant about their discontent with living in a country where Evangelism, conservatism, and diluted patriotism are rampant. This is a place for those who believe that there is a better way and that it's found far away from America. So yes, this would be a community for those who dislike the US, its culture, its government and politics, and what it [doesn't] have to offer.

There will therefore be much ranting and complaining about the US, but this should also be a place where we all, as future expatriates and current ones alike, can share our passion for a foreign nation, culture, and language, and educate others with tips on living/working/studying abroad. Post pictures of the city where you'd like to live and describe everything that makes it great.

And while this community is primarily for those wanting to move to the other side of the hemisphere, future expatriates with ambitions in Canada and South America are welcome as well. Essentially, the only reason for which you should not join Eurausafricasia are: You are a Republican/Bush supporter/patriotic, flag-waving American, you have no plans to leave the US but simply would like to tour the world, that's it. This is a biased community for individuals who share similar opinions, therefore anyone who disagrees with the purpose of this community will be banned immediately.